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Why Mobile Attendance?

GetTimee is a system that provide team monitoring that includes time and
location with insight of where and what employees are working on.
GetTimee enables employees to track their own timecard.

GetTimee is perfect for:


Features of GetTimee:

#1 Ideal for Mobile Workforce
High mobility is required from sales force/field force. GetTimee facilitates the time recording management and remote use.

#2 Project Based Company
Company that stationed majority of its employees at client sites will benefit from GetTimee.

#3 Multilocations Company
By using Beacon Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) at each branch, GetTimee can provide easy-to-setup, realtime & accurate time recording while tracking all employees in the office and on mobile.

 Precise & Accurate
With Beacon Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), GetTimee offers clocking using Indoor positioning, ensuring employee’s presence in office.

Clock in A Click
The system works on the web and on the mobile.

Monitor Team
Check team last locations, review team activities, & add an employee to Team.

View Team
HR can easily view team whereabouts & status. Real-time data will benefit HR in providing better services. Exporting data for use in other system eg. Payroll is easy.

Flexible Working Time Setting
Employee can select available working time that suits one’s preference.

News Broadcast
Keep team up-to-date with all news around company. Any urgent news can be broadcasted to all employees.

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