We are a provider of enterprise business solutions, with a strong focus on HR & talent management

LinovHR was started by the team who has same vision in contributing to the country by giving a value in its people management specially in the scope of business entity. With our strong spirited and energetic team, we developed a powerful yet simple software business.

Building a good product is not an easy tasks, even more develop a payroll software needs high accuracy, performance and security for sure. The failure and mistakes that we found during developing and implementing the software made our team getting solid and better in understanding of the human capital management process.

Now, LinovHR is available on cloud services. We are also already fixing our talent management to support you in managing your best talent. In order to give you an alternative choice, we are launching our new product, BoosterHR to target Small Business on premise based. We believe that we can give a number one solution in Human Capital Management.

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