• Elevate the workforce by simplifying the HR work

    LinovHR gives you simplicity, a smart solution to spend your time in building a strategic work.

Easy to use and well-suited for your dynamic team.

Human resources management

LinovHR enables HR team managing their personnel database, employees time, travel and even calculating employees’ payroll, tax, loan and benefit.

Talent management

Happy employee, great productivity. Have more time to plan a strategic scheme and achieve organization’s goals with your best talents.

Employee self services

With Employee Self Services feature in LinovHR, employee could organize their own biodata, leave days, claims, and requests.

Document & Office

No more untidy and dusty spreadsheet! You can get rid of thousand piles of paper at your desk to LinovHR. Plus, arrange all of your office stuff; from meeting rooms even until printers via LinovHR.

Created to make your administrative work more simple and less effort.

Get rid of your hundred stack papers and pull all the data information into one stop place that ease you to access, analyze, or even calculate. With dynamic mix of people and business at your organization, do not waste too much time in administrative works only. LinovHR helps you manage employee data and any files in a web-based exchange that your entire team will love to work with.


No more difficult and hard operation.

LinovHR’s new edition enable your HR team manage your employee data by themselves. No need to disturb your IT team to operate the software. With LinovHR, now you can update your employees data as easy as you manage your social media account. Work never be this good without LinovHR.


Organization: Get your team more engaged.

Create your workforce better than ever by increasing the engagement of employees in team. Planning the organization structure with LinovHR, now you can manage your best talent in your organization. Clearer means happier.


Eliminate HR complexity with LinovHR. Our software helps companies provide everything to develop and grow your workforce. We offer cloud and premise solution, professional services and best practise resources.

What our users are saying…

The result is really impressive, Linov team respond our question in immediate time. I sum up Linov in 3 words: responsive, affordable, and reliable.
Apriadi Newlands GultomTraining Specialist at Smartfren Telecom
LinovHR helps my team to organize our employees data in one place, so we do not need to compile manually. No more untidy spreadsheet.
Shinta PrihadianiTalent Acquisition & Management Head at Trimegah Securities

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