Employee Attendance Application Simplifies Work Schedule Management

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Boost Employee Work Hour Management Efficiency

Digitize and automate attendance management using cloud-based employee attendance software.

Time Attendance Dashboard

Visualize Attendance Data For Better Decision-Making

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Time Attendance Limit

Streamline Attendance Tracking For Complex Shift Rotations

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Attendance Correction

Access Employee-Initiated Attendance Data Corrections



Optimize Workforce Management With Flexible Shift Scheduling

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Minimize Errors in Employee Overtime Scheduling

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Optimize Employee Leave Management With Flexibility



Facilitate Employee Leave Requests For Urgent Needs

Employee Calender

Employee Calender

Visualize Employee Work Schedules And Attendance

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Chage Schedule

Synchronize Changes In Employee Work Schedules

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Detailed Accumulation Of Employee Attendance

Terminal Setting

Integrate With Manual Attendance Machines

Benefits of Using Time Attendance Software

By using LinovHR’s time management software, companies can improve productivity, efficiency, and employee discipline.

More Diverse Shift Rotation

Allows companies to implement various work shifts according to business needs.

Administrative Efficiency

Reduces the complex administrative process of managing work schedules and employee attendance.

Real-time Monitoring

Equipped with a mobile attendance application that helps monitor attendance in real time.

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