Human Resource Management

Organization Management

LinovHR provide a visual representation of the organization with features that support active collaboration. Enabling organization to manage multiple and all kind of relationships, including legal entity, group, branch, project, affiliates and other relationship that want to run the organization. We prepare the basic function for organization defining the structure and monitoring the composition of employee.

Personnel Management

You can manage data of people through this module. This module contains the personnel data of employee or every person who have been processed in organization such as applicant and former employees. The identification of each person is created to avoid data redundancy if same data is being input. Personnel module provide personal data, dependent, qualification, disciplinary, etc.

Time Management

Employee’s schedule has a very wide range of variations tailored to the needs of the company itself. According to this matter, LinovHR prepares to facilitate working time either in Fixed Time or Relative Time and many variant of Work Pattern. LinovHR has facilities for managing data in daily attendance of employees. This facility is provided in the manual or automatic mode. The system customized to fit the attendance employee data with an existing attendance machine


Payroll, interpreted as the management of employee records, payroll processing, payments and deductions components based on government regulations (such as BPJS, taxes, etc.) and the distribution of salaries. LinovHR Payroll supports unlimited type of salaries and streamlines payroll processes in all business lines of the company. We minimize your business disruption by supporting wider employment related process checks, void and reversal, manual adjustment, on-demand and off-cycle checks, direct deposit and regular or additional payments.


Through loan application form, the amount of loan taken, repayment terms and loan interest will be determined. Repayment system is done through employee payroll deduction. There is a resettlement function if there are special conditions such as the repayment of bonuses or holiday allowance. 


With Benefit module, you can define benefit type, quota system, each benefit item, and benefit package. Employee will be able to request their own claim benefits; our system has a special function that regulates how an existing benefit will be paid to employee.

Travel Management

A module for managing business travel information. This module provides full support for the delivery of the travel request and payment of advances, check approval status, management of travel expenses to reimbursement of travel expenses. This module is integrated with the accounting modules and other HR modules.

Employee Self Services

Talent Management


The goal of the recruitment function is to identify, attract, and hire the most qualified people. LinovHR provide recruitment system module to achieve recruitment process objective include cost of filling a job opening, speed of filling a job opening, psychological contract fulfillment, employee satisfaction, retention rate, quality of applicants, and diversity of applicants. Our recruitment module can be integrated to career page in company’s website.


The nature of work and the structure of organization are rapidly changing which impact to the quality standards. It requires your people to improve and transform themselves perpetually to remain competitive. For training core capabilities, LinovHR will help you in scheduling, authoring, evaluating and accessing to training course.

Performance Management

HR people in organization are assigned to analyze the performance appraisal process. The emphasis was on getting the “best” appraisal format and training managers to “rate” employees using the format. LinovHR performance management process consists of three parts: performance planning, performance observation,and providing positive feedback and/or corrective feedback.

Succession Management

An organization must give very good career perspective to talent by identifying and securing key positions, do faster and better quality staffing and increase objectiveness and transparency. LinovHR helps you identify and retain talents then decreased levels of ad-hoc staffing.

Talent Review

Right people in the right place. Find out your best talent in the organization with LinovHR feature Talent Review. You can make a development plans, promotion decision, and team performance review. Talent Review allows you knowing clearly which employee has a good performance and potential.

Document & Offices

General Affairs

In General Affairs feature, you can manage your document and all of important office file management to run the operational such as managing meeting room, office’s drivers with all of their documents (driving license and vehicle registration certificate), also the inventory in office’s pantry or logistic needs.