Payroll is mission critical for any company

Why LinovHR Payroll Outsourcing?


What are the payroll process scopes?


How much the services take?

We offer you a powerful payroll solution, with the support of our expert consultant and accurate payroll system; minimizing the error and miscalculation in your payroll process. We also provide LinovHR SaaS (Software as a Service) and let you access the system and monitoring the process data related personnel, organization, time, and payroll. We do prepare and verify the salary and wage data, provide bank transfer report, deliver standard payroll report, such as; tax, BPJS, detailed payroll/expenses calculations, salary slip, salary journal, annual tax form, etc. We also deliver form of reports for Pajak & BPJS. We deliver effectively and accurately week after week, month after month. We help you reduce the costs of payroll process by minimizing effort, errors, and redundant data entry. Enable you to be more focus on your core business, while we handle the complexity of managing payroll. Starting from 30.000 IDR/employee.