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Employee Self Services (ESS)

Employee Self Service" is also one of the features offered by LinovHR's HR Software, which allows employees to engage in accessing and managing their own human resource data within the company.


The Payroll Module within LinovHR's HR and Payroll Application helps you manage employee salaries from start to finish. It includes calculations and generating Payroll Reports.

Time Management

Time Management feature in this HRD Software can facilitate management, especially HRD, in managing employee work schedules, which naturally have high dynamics and varied work patterns according to employees' needs.

Learning Management System

The Learning & Development module, also known as a learning management system, functions to manage everything related to learning activities or the development of employees' skills and competencies.

Performance Management

Using the performance management module will facilitate every employee performance evaluator in providing assessments or reviews to each employee.


Through the Recruitment Module, HRD Management can perform Manpower Planning, Recruitment Requests, Career Announcements via the website, and other recruitment processes.


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