DMS Application, Manage Business Documents with Simplicity and Achieve High Efficiency

Aplikasi DMS

Elevate Your Business Document Management with Cutting-Edge Technology

LinovHR’s cloud-based DMS software empowers businesses to centralize a wide range of business documents with robust security, streamlining operations and boosting efficiency and productivity.

Kelola Folder   Create and Manage Document Folders More Structured and Easily Accessible
Get Folder Hierarcy (11)

Folder Management

Log History l Detaill

File Management

My Files l Default

Advance Search

Pantau Aktivitas Pengguna dan Cegah Penyalahgunaan Data

Audit Trail

Benefits of Using LinovHR DMS Application

LinovHR DMS software is designed to simplify document management with outstanding features that will optimize your business workflow.

Centralized Document Management

Store and manage all documents in one secure, centralized location.

Quick and Easy Document Search

Find documents quickly and easily using advanced search features.

Simplified Compliance and Auditing

Ensure compliance with industry regulations becomes more straightforward.

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