Conduct more objective performance monitoring and assessment with Employee Performance Management Application

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Have an Advanced Performance Management System to Optimize Company Performance, Now!

With the LinovHR employee performance appraisal application, get employee assessment support, monitor real-time performance, and intuitive data visualization.

Performance Dashboard

Get a visual representation of employee Goals & KPI achievement


Set the target achievement period in performance management

Performance Appraisal

Select and monitor the performance review method according to your needs

Goals & KPI

Compose goals and indicators to be achieved by employees with KPI software


Review the performance evaluation results of individuals to departments with the performance appraisal application

Goals & KPI

Know your goals & KPIs and fill in the progress you have achieved

Benefits of Using LinovHR Employee Performance Appraisal System

With LinovHR, optimizing the performance of each employee is no longer difficult. Monitor, assess, and develop plans on one platform.

Performance Improvement

Helps set clear goals and provide continuous feedback.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Identify employee weaknesses and strengths for better HR allocation.

Increase Employee Engagement

Involve employees in filling in the progress of the predetermined KPIs.

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