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Plan for Success with Indonesia's Best Succession Management Software

succession management software
500+ Companies Across Industries of All Sizes Trust LinovHR

Only 54% of Companies Actively Develop Succession Planning, Leading to Key Position Vacancies

LinovHR offers a succession planning platform that assists companies in maintaining sustainable human resources regeneration.

Talent Pool - succession Modul

Talent Pool

Build a pool of high-performing employees for future succession

9 Box Matrix

9 Box Matrix

Evaluate and map the talent of your company's best potential successors

Succession Pool

Succession Pool

Build a pool of potential successors with the Succession Planning System

Succession Card

Succession Card

Know your readiness for the next succession


Self Review

Provide feedback on your readiness to become a successor

Benefits of Using Succession Management Software

With LinovHR, experience more planned and accurate succession management for both HR and employees.

Better Talent Identification

Helps identify potential talent to take on leadership roles within the company.

Sustainable Planning

Get sustainable planning to avoid leadership gaps that disrupt productivity.

Time and Cost Savings

Succession management tools help you reduce the time and cost of external recruitment for leadership positions.

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