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All-in-One HR Software to Support Flexible Work Culture

With LinovHR HRIS, modern work culture can be seamlessly integrated into technology companies, enabling unrestricted work from any location while ensuring sustained productivity.

500+ Perusahaan dari Beragam Industri Tumbuh Bersama LinovHR

The Challenges and The Solution of Technology Industry

Optimize Modern Work Culture with Remote-friendly HRIS Software

Kemudahan Absen

Kemudahan Absen Hanya dengan Satu Kali Klik

Berikan kebebasan bagi karyawan untuk melakukan clock in & out secara online maupun offline melalui aplikasi Employee Self-Service (ESS) mobile.

Terapkan Kebijakan Jam Kerja Fleksibel

Terapkan Kebijakan Jam Kerja Fleksibel di Perusahaan

Karyawan bisa bekerja dengan jadwal yang leluasa tanpa jam kerja yang mengekang karena menerapkan jam kerja fleksibel.

monitor kehadiran realtime

Monitor Kehadiran Karyawan secara Real-time

Walau bekerja dari jarak jauh, HR dapat melacak kehadiran karyawan secara real-time melalui timesheet yang divisualisasi dalam dashboard yang canggih.

Ajukan Cuti Praktis Tanpa Ribet

Ajukan Cuti Karyawan Praktis

Mudahkan karyawan untuk mengajukan cuti, izin, dan sakit melalui aplikasi ESS. Atasan dan admin bisa langsung memberikan approval lewat sistem.

Kemudahan Absen

Convenient Absence Management Just a Click Away

Offer employees the flexibility to conveniently clock in and out, whether online or offline, using the mobile attendance app.

Terapkan Kebijakan Jam Kerja Fleksibel

Implement Flexible Working Hours Policy

monitor kehadiran realtime

Monitor Employee Attendance Real-time

HR can track employee attendance real time through timesheet on intuitive dashboard

Ajukan Cuti Praktis Tanpa Ribet

Request Leave with Ease

Seleksi Kandidat

Select the best candidates effectively

Tingkatkan Skill Karyawan dengan Modul Competency

Enhance Employee Competencies to Boost Performance

3. Susun Learning (1)

Plan a Sustainable Employee Learning and Development Program

Penilaian kinerja karyawan

Assess objective employee performance

Pengelolaan gaji Dengan Modul Payroll

Automated and On Time Salary Management

Klaim dan kelola reimburse dengan modul reimbursement

Seamless Reimbursement Management

Fasilitasi pinjaman Karyawan dengan modul loan

Facilitate Employee Loans

Hear more from our satisfied and happy clients

LinovHR team is very humble, responsive, and successful in fulfilling all of our company’s Performance,Learning & Talent Management System needs. Everything requested by our team is truly provided with extraordinary effort. The results have also received many positive responses as they have succeeded in streamlining employee learning and performance management activities. Please stay positive and keep up the good work!

Andi Ryan

Learning and Development Manager at Patra Jasa

Jawa Satu Power
The service provided by the assigned PIC team is excellent. I am very satisfied with the excellent after-sales service provided by LinovHR.
Jawa Satu Power

Arif Rahman

HR Manager at Jawa Satu Power

Securitas logo
Our company has been using LinovHR since 2018 until now. We are very pleased with the feature innovations that continue to be presented from year to year.
Securitas logo

Citra Laraswati

Payroll at Securitas

jakarta aquarium
So far, I am happy with LinovHR. We can allocate more time to strategic matters and achieve efficiency. The calculations are accurate and detailed, with quick responses from the PIC.
jakarta aquarium

Desy Magdalena

HR Manager at Jakarta Aquarium

PT Pangan Prima Lestarii
I am very satisfied with the service provided by LinovHR. The team is very friendly, responsive, and always helpful in answering questions. Payroll processing is also always on time.
PT Pangan Prima Lestarii

Djoni Wesida

Direktur Corporate Service at PT Pangan Prima Lestari

PT Papertech Indonesia
Since we started utilizing LinovHR and its Payroll Service, the payroll process at our company has become more efficient and accurate. Please keep up the good services!
PT Papertech Indonesia

Fahrul Fauzi

Country HR & GA Manager at Papertech

samala logo
Loyalty regarding support is very good, even on holidays and outside of working hours they still assist as much as possible. Communication from the LinovHR support team is also very friendly.
samala logo

Ucu Novitasari

HR Manager, GA at Samala Group

beta blue
All the services provided are excellent, the application performance is also good. LinovHR is also not hesitant to listen to our feedback and suggestions. Overall, we are very satisfied with LinovHR!
beta blue

Yonardi Hansel

HR & Digital Marketing Executive at Bettablue Digital Konsultasi

Rekan Usaha Mikro Anda
LinovHR’s payroll outsourcing service has been beneficial for our company in handling employee payroll. Previously, a payroll process that would typically take weeks can now be completed in just a few days.
Rekan Usaha Mikro Anda


Human Resource Staff at PT Rekan Usaha Mikro Anda

The payroll service from LinovHR is a good investment, especially for startup companies like ours whose staffs are still lack of knowledge in payroll and HR. Hopefully, the excellent service can be enhanced.

Jessica Halim

Finance & HR Manager at PT Kreasi Mode Indonesia

smartfren logo terbaru lagi
The results are very impressive, the Linov team responds to our questions promptly. I summarize Linov in 3 words: responsive, affordable, and reliable.
smartfren logo terbaru lagi

Apriadi Newlands Gultom

Training Specialist (HR L&D) at Smartfren Telecom

LinovHR helps our team organize our employee data in one place, so we don’t have to compile it manually. No more messy spreadsheets.

Shinta Prihadiani

Head of Human Capital at Trimegah Sekuritas

Experience using LinovHR has been positive and very helpful. Whenever I’ve encountered any issues, they’ve been resolved quickly.

Ketut Nanda

Human Capital at PT Danamartha Sejahtera Utama

logo Nirvana
LinovHR offers a comprehensive HRIS system that can accommodate the diverse needs of our company.
logo Nirvana

Selly Angkasa

HR, Admin & Purchasing at Nirvana Asia Group

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