Enhance Employee Performance Effectiveness with Performance Management System

LinovHR’s Performance Management System is the right solution to serve as software for measuring KPIs, the performance of each employee, unit, division, or department within the company.

Why Should You Use Performance Management System

The more employees a company has, the more complex it becomes to monitor their performance and measure each employee’s performance. Therefore, LinovHR is here to assist companies in monitoring employee performance through Performance Management Software:
Performance Management System is software designed to assist management in creating KPIs, monitoring employee performance, setting goals, and conducting performance appraisals within one integrated system.

Highly Accurate

LinovHR's Performance Management Software is highly accurate in assessing performance for employees, work units, and departments. From planning, development, implementation to obtaining the final assessment results.

User Friendly

The Performance Software interface is designed to make it easy for users to understand every function in the application. This eliminates the need to involve your IT team.

High-Level Security

LinovHR's Performance Management System has a tested security app system, ensuring that all data is protected from unauthorized access. We ensure that the data is only used for system purposes, with no other purposes.

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Performance Appraisal

This feature can be used by HR to conduct performance reviews, also known as performance appraisals, for each employee. By using this feature, all processes involved in performance appraisal can be easily conducted without compromising accuracy in any way.

Key Performance and Indicator ( KPI )

KPI is a method used by companies to measure the extent to which employees' performance has met each of their work target goals. With the KPI feature in performance software, each employee's KPI measurement can be conducted more precisely and accurately.


Companies can utilize the goals feature in performance management software to set, monitor, and track the progress of the company or organization in achieving its goals.

Balanced Scorecard

With the Balanced Scorecard feature, companies can assess the extent of progress and development achieved. This feature can also be used to help companies gain a comprehensive view of their overall performance


Increase employee engagement in performance evaluations through the feedback feature. With this feature, every employee can provide feedback on their performance, whether it's between employees, supervisors, or even for themselves


In performance management, there are activities called surveys and pulses. These activities are conducted to measure the level of engagement between employees and the company. The Engagement feature will facilitate the company in conducting surveys and pulses for each employee.

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