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Talent Management System LinovHR

LinovHR’s Talent Management System: A Unified Solution for Optimal HR Management

LinovHR’s Talent Management System is an integrated system designed to streamline and enhance a company’s human resource management. Our comprehensive software offers a wide range of interconnected modules and features, including Recruitment Module, Performance Management, Competency Management, Learning Management System (LMS), Career Path and Succession Management. With all these modules and features, we believe we can realize the best talent management system to help companies achieve maximum productivity.

Recruitment Dashboard

Recruitment Modul

LinovHR’s Talent Management System offers a comprehensive Recruitment Management Module equipped with various features to streamline and optimize your hiring process. These features such as the Web Career for creating easily accessible recruitment channels. With the Recruitment module, the recruitment process is easy to monitor and can run efficiently.

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Performance Management

This module features Goals & KPI functionalities allowing you to set goals and monitor their achievement. It also includes 360-degree feedback and Balanced Scorecard features for assessing employee performance metrics.

Competency Management

With the competency management module, the process of analyzing employee competency gaps can be done easily through the Gap Analysis feature. Additionally, there are features such as Competency Category, Competency List, and Competency Model. All these features aim to streamline the process of managing employee competencies.

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Learning Management System

This module lets you effortlessly plan, manage, and deliver employee training through e-learning or face-to-face classes. It’s supported by the Learning Plan feature, which helps you create training materials for your employees. It also includes Pre-test and Post-test features, as well as automatic e-certificates.

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Companies must quickly identify and secure key positions, place staff more quickly and qualitatively to improve objectivity and transparency. LinovHR’s Succession Management helps identify and retain the best talent, then fill key positions within the company.


Career Path

A good company is one that is able to provide clarity on career paths for employees. Through the career path module, companies can do this.

There are many features such as path builder to create a clear career path for each employee, Role Match feature to see the suitability of employees with existing positions in the company. As well as many other features such as Career Advice, Career Aspiration and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A company cannot function without the best people. Unfortunately, companies often face challenges such as hiring the wrong employees, poor employee performance, and low employee engagement.

Therefore, investing in a talent management system to attract and retain top talent is a must for companies. Talent management systems have been proven to effectively increase ROI and improve employee satisfaction, resulting in increased productivity.

Using a talent management system can also streamline the talent management process. This is because all processes will be digitized and automated. As a result, companies will no longer face limitations when managing team members and candidates. In addition, it helps improve operational efficiency and retain and attract top talent.

Talent management system technology captures, stores, and analyzes critical data related to the entire employee lifecycle that can be used to improve business processes and company staff.

Many companies have experienced the benefits of implementing LinovHR Talent Management System. Some of the benefits that companies can experience include:

  • Assisting in Digitizing the Entire Employee Lifecycle Process
  • Improving Recruitment Processes
  • Enhancing Employee Engagement
  • Improving Succession Planning
  • Assisting in More Accurate Employee Placement Processes
  • Reducing Turnover Rates
  • Facilitating Employee Performance Monitoring
  • Assisting in Formulating Business Strategies According to Market Conditions
  • Providing Better Employee Experiences

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